1.       Lucky Alphabets S, Sh, (sheen)
2.       Ruling Planet Saturn
3.       Lucky Gem Moon stone, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Blue Topaz
4.       Lucky Color Blue (all shades), Green (All Shades)
5.       Lucky Flower Water Lilly
6.       Lucky Day Saturday
7.       Lucky Date of Lunar Month 9th of lunar month
8.       Lucky Number 4
9.       Lucky Pet Peacock, fish and Duck
10.   Suitable Metal Aluminum
 11.   Sadqaat  Kalay maash (black gram) , daal mash (black lantil) , kalay til (black saseme) , suraj mukhi ke beej (sun flower seed) , loha (iron) , kala tale (black oil) , syah kapra (black cloths)
12. Basic Element Air



Most common Physical Appearances of the personalities related to Aquarius

Mostly Aquarius personalities are fairly healthy people. Usually they possess a delicate fair complexion however, not pale. Their eyes are mostly Hazel. They also possess sandy or dark flaxen hairs.

Good Looking


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  • Circulatory problems
  • Varicose veins
  • Anxiety
  • Muscular spasms
  • Arthritis
  • Palpitations



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Suitable profession:

  • Any kind of job, services or business related to Unconventional jobs like organic farming, car modifying, business of piercings and tattoos
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to science and inventions like scientific researches; they can excel as scientist, if they can explore new theories.
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to aviation and aeronautics
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to designing like dress designing, fashion designing, beauty and hair arts
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to music and musical instruments like singing, composing and playing instruments



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  • Compatible star

Gemini, Libra

  • Incompatible star

Scorpio, Leo, Taurus

Fall In Love


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Sexual and Romantic life

Mostly Aquarius personalities are extremely romantic, extremely precised about sex and relations. They are also extremely seductive they can play their cards when and where ever they want. They are too good in love making and fore play. They are sometime unpredictable in sex because they plan sex like a game of chess. Usually they try to do sex like they think or they fantasize they love to have sex on the beaches, showers and even in bath tubs. They also try kinky stuff for fun sake. After experiments and reading of various Scorpio personalities it is proven that they are best at love making and unusual sex types.

Sex Appeal


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Iran, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Ethiopia, the Holy Vatican City and Sri Lanka.


Brighton, Hamburg, Helsinki, Moscow, Salzburg, St. Peters burg and Bremen.



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