1.       Lucky Alphabets F
2.       Ruling Planet Jupiter
3.       Lucky Gem Diamond, Red Ruby, Star Ruby, Sapphire, Moon Star, Red Topaz, Golden Topaz
4.       Lucky Color Blue, Yellow, Red, Black
5.       Lucky Flower Water Lilly
6.       Lucky Day Tuesday
7.       Lucky Date of Lunar Month 7th of lunar month
8.       Lucky Number 3
9.       Lucky Pet Duck, Chicken, Eurasian teal or common teal (murghaabi), finches and all breeds of sparrows
10.   Suitable Metal Tin, Gold
 11.   Sadqaat  Gandum (wheat) , dal chana (yellow lentil) , sunehri makayi (golden corn) , dal masoor (red lentil) , dal mung (green gram lentil) , Gurr (jaggery) , shakkar ( organic sugar made by jaggery) zard kapra (yellow cloth)
12. Basic Element Fire



Most common Physical Appearances of the personalities related to Sagittarius

Mostly Sagittarius personalities are active, strong and tall. They are good-looking with fine clear eyes. They usually have chestnut hair as well as a Grecian nose. They have strong bones and muscles. They mostly possess fair brown or sun tan complexion.

Good Looking


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  • Liver and every type of complaints related to it
  • Any type of expansion, swellings and things that grow such as tumors and other growths either malignant or benign
  • It is also associated with being overweight and over-indulgence in food, alcohol and drugs



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Suitable profession:

  • Any kind of job, services or business related to animals like animal trainers and veterinary doctors
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to counseling like student counseling and career counseling
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to public relations
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to traveling and tourism like tour operators
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to sports, sports training and coaching, wrestling ,boxing and swimming



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  • Compatible star

Leo, Aries

  • Incompatible star

Virgo, Gemini, Pisces

Fall In Love


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Sexual and Romantic life

Mostly Sagittarius personalities are very eager about sex. They are always in mood to try new ways, new positions and postures in sex. Sometime their sex desire is not even gender bounded. they try homo sexuality as fun or they can be bisexual or heterosexuals. They can also try animals for fun sake. So simply they can play even in wrong holes. It is also seen that the Sagittarius men are sometime versatile in sexual life; they can be good tops and good bottoms at the same time. . After experiments and reading of various Sagittarius personalities it is proven that they are best at emotions and can seduce easily. They are mostly very good in kissing and extremely perfect in orgasms.

Sex Appeal


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Spain, Australia, Chile, China, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Bangladesh, Barbados, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya and Mauritania.


Toronto, Budapest, Naples, Nottingham, Sheffield, Sunderland and Stuttgart.



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