April 16, 2016

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “7” seven?

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “7” seven?
This is a number of creativity as universe is in seven, seven 7, 7 divisions like God created this universe in 7 days, he created seven heavens and seven hells, our earth is having seven continents and seven seas, there are seven meta physical worlds in spirituality, and most of all there are seven spirits in each and every human living on this earth which are called ltaaif in Islamic school of thought and shakties in Hindu school of thought.
That is why this is the number of Spirituality, Creativity, Aesthetic sense, Planning and Success.
People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is seven (7) are mostly born artist, good actors, very good singers, good anchor persons, good sports persons and extremely précised and focused towards their profession and professional life. Mostly great and renowned saint, scholars, social activists, states men and Artists of the history and present times are having their fate and personality number is seven (7).
These people mostly have super natural or intuitional powers, they can also be great psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotists .they can make excel in telepathy, Ricky and other natural and spiritual healing knowledge and systems, in almost all kinds of spiritual practices like paranormal phenomena, psychometric practices, Apports, transformations and transfigurations etc.

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