April 16, 2016

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “8” eight?

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “8” eight?
Number eight is considered as the number of hard work and continuous struggle, that is why it brings material success in the life of individuals. This number brings materialistic approach and mind set but makes the personality decisive précised and focused in business and official affairs.
Number eight (8) is basically belongs to planet Saturn which is related to Satan so it brings negativity and negative thinking like arrogance, prejudice, jealousy, greed, hatred etc. this number is also a carrier superiority and inferiority complexes.
People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is eight (8) mostly they face various accidents hardships and hurdles in their lives but they face it bravely. Mostly these people are not satisfied with life. These people have a constant and serious threat of cardiac problems, Nervous system irregularities and unrest of mind.
Though this number unanimously considered “the number of Accidents and calamities” But when this number got positivity it can pick you up to the unbelievable and miracles heights, it gives u strength, money, focused vision and it also provides the way out of hurdles and calamities.
Top renowned self-made business tycoons of the world are having their fate and personality number is eight.

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